Why Spray in Insulation in Seaside Heights is a Good Investment

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Business Services

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Insulating a home can provide tremendous energy-saving benefits over time. But there are so many different types of insulation, that it is difficult to assess what will be best for one’s home. Homeowners need to be more aware of the value of spray in insulation Seaside Heights area. This involves spraying polyurethane foam right into walls and floor spaces. It then hardens into a thick layer of rigid foam insulation.

This foam comes in two basic forms. Open-cell foam is used for walls and offers better performance than the familiar pink fiberglass insulation batts. Closed-cell foam is a much denser product and offers the benefits of being both insulating and a moisture barrier. These materials resist the growth of mold, which can be a problem with other materials such as cellulose or fiberglass.

When making a determination about the effectiveness of insulation, it is measured in R-value. Closed-cell has the highest value of all insulating materials. Heat loss is often detected in homes that use traditional materials, mainly due to gaps caused by shifting over time. The use of spray in insulation Seaside Heights homes prevents this from becoming a problem.

The space taken up by spray foam is minimal when compared to other insulation. However, one must take into account how long they expect to be in a home. The material used in spray insulation is great for energy conservation, but the material is derived from oil, and it does not easily decompose unless it is in direct UV light. It is also flammable, and requires the use of a flame retardant barrier near furnaces and hot water tanks.

Using spray in insulation Seaside Heights area often requires the use of professional installation. They are adequately prepared to meet the safety requirements for installation. Breathing in this material can irritate lungs and cause asthmatic symptoms. It is also a messy material. The cost of the material and installation make it one of more expensive options, at about three to four dollars per square foot. However, it lasts a lifetime, and is estimated to payback its cost in savings in about five to seven years. Contact Shore Insulation, Inc. today so we can get started on insulating your home or company today!