Why You Need a Washington State Minimum Wage Poster

If you own your own business and have employees that report to a centralized office, then you are required by law to post a Washington State Minimum Wage Poster. This is a document that alerts your employees to the amount of money that must be paid to all hourly workers, as required by the federal government. While these posters are required of all employers, there are additional benefits to having one of these posters prominently displayed in an area that is accessible to all employees. If you own your own business and don’t understand the benefit of having a federal wage poster, then keep reading. Here are three reasons why you should add them to your office today. Federal Requirement One of the main reasons why you should purchase a state minimum wage poster is because it is required of all employers by law. Not having this posted could lead to fines and other penalties that could make it more complicated to run your business. Don’t let a simple task cause your business issues in the future. Make sure you have a Washington State Minimum Wage Poster displayed prominently in your office. Communication Device A minimum wage poster is a great way to communicate to your employees that you follow all federal wage requirements, and helps them realize that they are getting paid what is legally required. Don’t let your employees work without proper communication. Make sure you have the posters in place that allow your employees to feel confident in their duties and in the compensation they receive for their time. Liability Reduction When you have employees you are legally required to post documents in your office that help to communicate federal minimums regarding wages, breaks and safety in the work place. If you don’t then you are opening yourself up to a great deal of liability, and that could lead to a great deal of trouble and potential lawsuits in the future. Reduce this by having posters properly displayed in your office. Don’t wait another day. Make the call at 888-815-8848 for Compliance Document Services and get a Washington State Minimum Wage Poster for your office, so you can rest assured that you are compliant with all requirements.

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