Why You need Panic Rooms Long Island:

Why would you need panic rooms in Long Island? While panic rooms are not usually a component in a house, they are rising in popularity. Panic rooms offer people a means of protecting themselves from outside threats and they typically hold a vast supply of weapons for self-defense as well as tools for communication. These windowless rooms are often constructed to be the size of a wardrobe and they feature dead bolts locks to make them more secure.

Panic rooms come in several styles from basic to executive. Your budget plays a big role in deciding what kind you install. The simplest rooms may cost several hundred dollars. An executive panic room may cost you several thousand dollars. A basic room can be made from a medium-sized closet with some adjustments. The basic adjustment should be the door. Wood doors must be exchanged for steel doors with a dead bolt lock. Reinforce walls by installing thicker ply-wood. The doors and walls should be difficult for anyone to get through. Unwanted visitors may be thwarted using a finger print scanner or a keypad with a code.

Where to install the room is another element to consider. The best location is one with multiple hidden entrances that you can get to easily and keep intruders from finding you. Make certain you construct the room with bullet-proof and sound-proof material. For tornadoes, the panic room needs to be on a lower level. The material used to build a weather room should be powerful enough to withstand high winds.

Once you have built the room, fill it with supplies. Be certain to have plenty of non-perishable food, personal items, and water to last a few days. You will also need to stock it with blankets, flashlights, and communication devices. A generator can be installed to control temperature and security cameras.

It is not a safe world we live in, but you don’t have to be fearful. Educate your whole family on panic rooms in Long Island and hold drills. Instruct children when to call 911 and tell them to stay in the room until help comes. Try to create plans for all kinds of situations. Though it is going to cost money, the money is worth spending to protect your family.

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