Why You Need San Diego Hard Drive Destruction

Many of us have purchased a personal shredder for home after seeing them in the workplace. We know to shred financial documents and instant credit card offers. After all, someone can find paper in your trash and can reconstruct your financial life for their own purposes. However, not many of us practice the same caution when we get rid of an old desktop or laptop computer.

In fact, many stores will take these devices from you for free if you buy a new computer from them, and they’ll tell you the parts will be recycled. However, if you’ve ever saved any information on that hard drive that you wouldn’t want someone else to have access to, your personal information may now be at risk if that hard drive ends up in someone else’s hands. You can still donate the chassis of your computer. Those parts can indeed be used again. If not, the plastic parts might be able to be recycled. However, it’s a good idea to remove the hard drive and have it destroyed.

Why choose San Diego Hard Drive Destruction? Many customers think they’ve destroyed their hard drive by physically hitting it or exposing it to magnets. However, if someone has enough knowledge and really wants to recover the information on the drive, they can still extract all kinds of data from it. That data may be your social security number, account numbers, and other personal information. If the computer is used for business, it could have all kinds of proprietary information on it that, if in the wrong hands, could destroy your business. If the drive has confidential client information on it, and someone else obtains that information, you could be sued and held liable.

Using a professional service to take care of San Diego Hard Drive Destruction means that your information remains confidential. Everything is destroyed right in front of you. You don’t have to worry that the employees of the shredding business will have special access to the data or be able to save it and sell it later, leaving your data compromised. If you have a large number of drives to destroy, they can handle that, too.

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