Worn Out Roof? Roofers in Rockland County, NY can Install a New One

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As soon as a homeowner notices water stains on their walls, they should call professional roofers in Rockland County NY to inspect their roof and gutters. Just one loose shingle or ripped gutter seam can cause the water damage. If the leak isn’t repaired quickly the water can create a mold problem. When the roofer comes out, he will go up on the roof and look for the problem. Sometimes the cause of the leak can be so small that they contractor will have to take a garden hose and run water over the roof to find it. The best time to repair a roof is when the problem is that small.

Roofs should be inspected at least once a year. In northern climates, the best time to do this is in the spring. That way the roofing contractor will be able to pick up any damage caused by high winds, snow and ice. When homeowners are concerned about large amounts of snow piling up on the roof, they take a shovel and push it off. This can also cause damage. Ice picks should never be used on a roof to break ice apart. However frustrated homeowners often use them and other tools to break up ice dams. Come spring, Roofers in Rockland County, NY need to carefully inspect the roof for any damage they might have caused.

Eventually all roofs need to be replaced. If a homeowner has fostered a good relationship with the contractor who’s been inspecting their roof for years, then it makes sense to have them install the new roof. The contractor can explain how shingles have changed over the years. Many energy-efficient shingles have insulation to maintain the home at it’s desired temperature. Metal roofs have become much more common on residential structures. They have been designed and insulated to be as quiet as traditional shingles. Homeowners are opting for metal roofs because the can last up to 50 years.

It’s important that the homeowner ensure that their roofing contractor is licensed in their state and carries both liability and worker’s compensation insurance. If one of the workers breaks a window or falls off of a ladder, the contractor’s insurance and not the homeowners insurance will pay for it.
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