You don’t have to face disaster alone — water damage restoration 101.

It can happen so fast. A slow moving summer storm or a massive winter blizzard can cause countless dollars in water damage. More then just floods, rain forced under shingles by high winds and compromised materials from saturated materials can wreak havoc on your life. Even a simple leaky pipe can ruin a wall if left uncorrected. Water damage needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible to prevent further issues like mold and structure failure. Often times the damage is not visible to the un-trained eye until the more insidious problems come to the light.

Time is of the essence when you become aware of water damage. A professional restoration company will take the time to detect the level of damage and discuss options you have in correcting the problems. The initial testing will include use of equipment like hygrometers and infrared cameras that can aid in finding hidden issues. If there is standing water pumps are effective in rapidly removing the water which in turn helps mitigate the unseen damage. If allowed to stand, water can cause splintering, removal of finishes and lingering odors that may be indication of mold damage. Should you ever find yourself in need of water damage in Long Island, NY is home to highly professional companies who are available 24 hours a day.

With the water out of the way, the restoration process begins. The company you choose to work with will take steps to deodorize the area as well as disinfect all materials to help ensure the incident is undetectable. When done properly this will prevent the growth of mold which can not only cause further damage but can easily impact your overall health. Also used are dehumidifiers that will help mitigate any potential secondary damage to your property. Drying equipment also helps prevent warping of the portions of the property that were exposed to water.

As with all un-foreseeable events, a bit of prevention can go a long way should it ever be needed. Not all homeowners and renters insurance plans cover water damage, so it’s best to take the time before an accident happens to make sure you are properly covered. When paired with a restoration company a water damage policy helps things return to normal as quickly as possible.

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