3 Reasons to Install an EV Charger on Your Monterey Residential Property

by | Mar 12, 2024 | Electrician

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As the move to electric vehicles continues to grow, battery charging will become a more urgent concern. By asking a residential electrician in Pacific Grove, CA to install an EV charger on your property, you can get ahead of the curve and solve your vehicle-charging needs more efficiently. In addition to boosting your home’s market value, installing your own charger will provide you with many immediate benefits.

Charge on Your Own Time

Convenience is the biggest reason to hire electric vehicle charger installers in Monterey, CA. Using a commercial charging station will require waiting in line for considerable periods in addition to the time you’ll spend waiting for your vehicle to charge. When you have a personal EV charger, you can charge the vehicle overnight while you sleep.

Save on Energy Usage

In addition to rising energy costs, charging your vehicle at a commercial station will cost more since you’ll pay for speed. A level 3 charger, which can charge your vehicle’s battery in 30 minutes, will cost up to 40% more than a level 2 charger. When you hire a residential electrician in Pacific Grove, CA to install your charger and you charge your vehicle overnight, you’ll avoid the premium costs. Energy usage is less expensive in the evening hours, so you’ll add to those savings.

Extend Your Battery’s Lifetime

Even though you can charge your battery quickly with a level 3 commercial charger, research has found that this practice degrades the battery at a faster rate. Electric vehicle charger installers in Monterey, CA can install chargers that are better for your battery. By allowing the battery to charge at a normal rate, you’ll reduce wear and tear and add to the battery’s durability.

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