4 Reasons the Family Dog Should Visit a Pet Wellness Clinic in Lorton VA

There’s a widespread belief that one year of a dog’s life is the same as seven years in a human’s. While this isn’t entirely accurate, it’s true that dogs age faster than their owners, and age-related diseases may come as a surprise. With regular visits to a Pet Wellness Clinic in Lorton VA, responsible dog owners can manage and correct problems before permanent damage occurs. Below are a few benefits of regular pet health checkups.

Early Detection of Disease

During a yearly visit, a dog undergoes a thorough exam that may detect the earliest signs of potentially debilitating illnesses. Sometimes, owners barely notice such signs, but a vet will pick up on them. If there are symptoms of an illness, the vet will start treatment early for a better outcome.

Prevention: It’s Better Than the Cure

A veterinarian will help a dog owner put together a preventive care plan for the next year. During the visit, the owner will learn which vaccines the dog needs, which products to use for flea and worm control, and much more. If a dog regularly takes medication, the office visit gives the vet the chance to adjust the dosage or find an alternative treatment.

Changing Bad Behaviors

Oftentimes, dogs’ behavioral issues aren’t thought of as a reason to see a vet. However, owners shouldn’t have to tolerate such issues, because there’s usually something to be done about them. With a yearly visit to a pet wellness clinic in Lorton VA, an owner gets the chance to discuss a dog’s behavior. A vet will help the owner monitor the anima’s mental and emotional health, as well as his or her physical condition.

Caring for Senior Canines

Older dogs benefit from frequent checkups, because like their owners, they may develop some age-related conditions. A veterinarian might recommend certain blood tests for the liver and kidneys. Cognitive dysfunction is a problem in dogs, just as in people, and it may significantly disrupt the owner’s life. However, a vet can do things to reduce such symptoms.

Whether a person is a first-time dog owner or they’ve had canine friends for a lifetime, a veterinarian is a valuable partner in keeping the animal well. Visit the website for more details or call Business Name to schedule an office visit. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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