5 Things to Know About Cloth Napkins

Turn your tables into the perfect sight for your birthday party or reunion. Cloth napkins can add elegant touches to contribute to the ambiance and tone you want for the event. Here’s what you ned to know about choosing the best ones.

Pick the material

These items are usually made out of linen or cotton because both are absorbent, durable, and soft. Those qualities are also both of these materials serve as the go-to options for a lot of people. If you want something strong and absorbent, then pick your Cloth napkins in either cotton or linen.

Choose dark colors

If you plan on reusing those napkins for a slew of events you’re planning and organizing, the best way to make the most out of them is to buy them in dark colors. This will conceal any visible stains and marks on the cloths. That means low-maintenance napkins you can use over and over, The Kitchn says. Now, owning napkins is convenient and painless.

Play with color

Colorful napkins are also a life-saver. Pick shades and hues that work with the rest of your tableware. You can also go for pops of color. If your dining area is done in monochrome tones, then those bright pops of color will help your tableware stand out and create the perfect atmosphere or ambiance.

Check the size

Remember that the cloth will need to be of the right size. Buying towels that may be too small or too big are a waste. Shop right by carefully checking the size on the product page before you click “Buy Now.” That should prevent nasty surprises in the future.

Find out about maintenance

It’s easy to make these napkins last longer. Get them in a twill weave to keep them free of any wrinkles, for instance.

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