About the Teeth Whitening Services in Edison

No one wants to have dull and yellow teeth. Having a bright white smile can give you the confidence that you need to smile at the world. As you age, your teeth begin to yellow, even if you brush and floss as you should. Depending on your lifestyle, your health and the foods you eat, your teeth may yellow more. If your teeth have lost their glow, you can have Teeth Whitening in Edison treatments done and restore their beauty.

Teeth Whitening in Edison treatments have come a long way since they were first introduced to the world. These treatments do not damage the teeth and can whiten them many shades whiter, in just one treatment.

When you first see your Teeth Whitening in Edison dentist, you will be given information on the different treatment options that are available. The most common whitening methods involve placing the whitening solution on the teeth and then using a special light to activate the whitening agents. You will need to wear a special tooth tray that will help to keep the whitening agent next to the teeth so that it can perform its work.

Once the whitener has been on the teeth for the specified amount of time, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned so that all of the whitener can be removed. Your teeth will also be polished, to bring out the shine and bright whiteness even more. This will make your teeth look as beautiful as possible.

Most dentist recommend that you have your teeth whitened every six months, depending on your needs. You will be given a maintenance protocol to use at home, that will help to keep your teeth whiter between visits. This will keep your smile glowing and your teeth looking their very best.

If you are ready to regain the whiteness of your teeth, you can visit a Teeth Whitening in Edison dentist. Through Cosmetic Dentistry, you can have many of the issues that involve your teeth corrected so that you can be proud of your smile. This will give you the confident smile that you always wanted.

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