Adding New Life To Your Wardrobe

There is a common dilemma that often catches people by surprise. You open your closet door one day and don’t see anything you want to wear! Every shirt and pair of jeans looks boring and worn out; you don’t feel excited about anything, even the items you always enjoy. That favorite t-shirt just doesn’t seem interesting anymore. No one has the money to buy new clothing every time their wardrobe starts to look boring; buying new clothes can cost a lot of money and sooner or later you will find yourself facing the same problem all over again. Instead of adding new items of clothing to your closet, why don’t you think about adding new life to the things you already own? All it takes is the addition of a few simple embellishments and your wardrobe will receive a major face lift. With just a few Rhinestone Custom Transfers, your favorite shirts, jeans, and accessories will look like brand new items.

 Everyone wants to save money, but not at the expense of looking and feeling their best. Clothing is one way that everyone uses to express themselves. Your choice of shirt or shoes tells people a lot about you. Are you classy and sophisticated, or laid back and practical? Do you like dramatic flair or do you prefer more classic lines and styles? Whatever your personal style signatures are, there are Rhinestone Custom Transfers that can help you express them!

 If you don’t want to add any transfers to your clothing, consider placing them onto a few of your favorite accessories. Tote bags are popular accessories. Despite how useful they are, sometimes they can be pretty boring. Plain colors and simple design make for a functional item, not an interesting one. All it takes is the addition of Rhinestone Custom Transfers and you’ll have a tote bag that people will take notice of. You’ll get a real boost of confidence when you carry your things in a bag you designed yourself.

 You don’t have to spend a lot of money to add some fashionable flair to your accessories and clothing. You can find a wide variety of beautiful transfers at any sewing supply store or arts and crafts supply center. Simply pick out the ones you want, then use a standard household iron to apply your designs. The whole process couldn’t be easier and the image will last for a long time; you can wash, dry, wear, and use your new items normally. So don’t hold yourself back! It’s time to express you

Established in 1988, Dakota Collectibles continues to lead the industry in offering superior quality embroidery designs and rhinestone custom transfers with unbeatable customer service and reasonable cost.

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