Automobile Service In Winchester VA When Your Car Won’t Start

Automobile service in Winchester VA becomes urgent if you turn your car key but the car doesn’t start. This problem can be very frustrating as the root-cause analysis can easily take more time. To effectively troubleshoot a no start problem, it is important to understand the basic workings of the system. Start with the first line of suspect which is battery and then work your way around other systems.

Ask Automobile Service In Winchester VA About Fuses And Battery

Fuses might not be the likely cause for a no-start but make sure the check the fuses first to rule them out as the likely cause. Battery issues could easily be the reason for the no-start problem. Battery can get dirty and corroded over time which can then break the connection between the battery and other systems. Clean the battery posts first and try to start the car again. A dead battery is another possible root-cause for a no start. You can use a battery tested to measure amperage and check if the battery is dead. You can also try to jump start the battery and verify if that starts the car. If it does then dead battery was the problem. You can clean the battery contacts or replace the battery completely to reach to an effective solution.

Ask Automobile Service In Winchester VA About Ignition Switch And Starters

Faulty ignition switch is another reason for a no-start. You can test this by turning the key to the on position but not to the start position. Look for the warning lights to light up on your dash board; if they don’t then it is probably an issue with the ignition switch. If the warning lights come up, turn the key to ‘start’ and look for the warning lights to turn off. Other possible test is to turn on the headlights and watch them to either dim or turn off when you try to start the car. If they don’t show this behavior then the switch is bad and needs replacement.

Bad starter connection is another reason for an engine to not start. You can test the starter circuit using a circuit tester. If you can see that the starter is getting the current but is not spinning then it needs to be replaced. If the starter spins freely as you turn the key, then you need to continue your investigation.

Ask Automobile Service In Winchester VA About Coil Wire And Distributor Cap

Test the ignition coil with multimeter to measure impedance. Replace the coil if it I faulty. Distributor cap can also keep your car from starting during wet weather. You will need to remove the distributor cap and wipeout any internal moisture. Check the coil wire to verify if the starting problem is due to a broken or shorting coil wire.

Automobile service in Winchester VA should be able to perform the diagnostics and root cause analysis for the no-start problem. Talk to the experts at URL for more information.

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