Backflow Prevention Can Be Done by a Local Plumber

A backflow prevention device is used to prevent water from flowing back to the main water line and thus contaminating the clean water. The device is most common on the pipes from pools as well as the main water line leading into a building. In most states, it is actually required by law that a person has a backflow prevention device installed on their main water line if they have an irrigation system or pool connected to the water line. It is also required by state law that the backflow prevention device be tested periodically to ensure proper functionality. The tests can only be performed by a licensed plumber.


Testing the Backflow Prevention Device


A person just needs to locate Plumbers Coral Springs and then schedule an appointment. The plumber will come out to the location and perform a series of tests on the backflow prevention device. This involves attaching an assembly of hoses and gauges to the backflow prevention device and forcing water through the testing device and backflow device. The gauges will then read out the water pressure differential between the two sections. There is a set of parameters given that the plumber must check for in order to certify the backflow prevention device for usage.


If the backflow prevention device fails, then further inspection of the device will be performed by the plumber. In many cases, the reason for the failure is just debris or sand inside the valve. This can just be flushed out with a little water pressure. The hoses will then be reattached, and the backflow prevention device will be tested again. Other causes can be bad seals on the valves, a cracked backflow valve, or leak in the pipe. In extreme cases, the backflow prevention device will have to be replaced.


Backflow Prevention Device Cost


The cost of a backflow prevention device is not cheap. They have to meet strict standards, and most states require that they at least have a double check assembly. A good backflow prevention device that is certified by the state will usually cost over $100. Cheaper prices may be found, but it is imperative that the plumber sees the device before any purchase is made. The plumbers in Coral Springs will be able to verify whether or not it is a state qualified backflow prevention device.


Having a backflow prevention device installed on all outside lines is very important to not only prevent contaminants from back flowing into the house or building but to also prevent back flowing into the main water line. It is actually required by law to have one installed for any pool or irrigation system. Fines or water shut off can result if not installed.


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