Brazilian Lingerie: Then and Now

Recently, the Daily Mail dedicated a whole page of their TV & Showbiz column to the Victoria’s Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio. The article talks about how she dazzled everyone in canary yellow Brazilian lingerie while on a kayaking adventure in Miami. On asking she readily confirmed that she loves beaches and hence has been spotted wearing an array of sexy bikinis in 2011 while vacationing with her fiancé. However, bikinis earlier were not like we know them today. The styles and acceptance pertaining to the two piece garment have undergone many variations over the last 50 years.

History of Brazilian Lingerie

Today Brazilian lingerie is the epitome of sexy lingerie and women take to it easily, but this was not the case some years back when social stigma was attached to bikinis.

Back in 1943, the US government ordered 10% fabric reduction in women’s bathing suits as a means of Second World War proportioning. But two-piece Brazilian lingerie hit the centre stage on July 5, 1946, introduced by the designer Louis Reard. The earlier Roman versions were much more revealing than what was adopted by the US and other fashion capitals of the world.

However, when Reard first launched the two-piece costume in Paris, none of the models dared to wear it in public. Therefore, he contacted Micheline Bernardini, who agreed to sport it and bring it to the rest of the world’s attention. Brazilian lingerie soon became popular as the ultimate sensual beach costume and women from all over the world flooded Bernardini’s fan mail with over 50,000 letters.

Thereafter, there were many speculations and statements for and against the garment. However, when pop songwriter Brian Hyland introduced the hit “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”, sales of Brazilian lingerie soared.

Thanks to such mainstream acceptance of the two-piece concept by Hollywood, music and high end fashion labels Brazilian lingerie is famous for its three basic styles. The first being, Tanga, in which the bottom wears cover the butt cheek more than any other variant while thongs are narrow cloth pieces that run down the back and act as a connector to the waist string and the frontal. However, pucker style bottom has gathering that accentuates the bottom and renders a voluptuous round view from any angle.

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