Caring For Your New Wood Windows in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Property owners with Wood Windows in Milwaukee Wisconsin need to learn how to protect them if they want them to last. When wood windows aren’t properly cared for, their lifespan can be significantly decreased. The wood can start to look bad and take away from the overall appearance of the home.

Where Is The Window?

One thing to understand about caring for Wood Windows in Milwaukee Wisconsin is that the part of the house that the window is located at is important. Windows on the southern side of a home seem to take on more damage from the weather than those in other locations. As such, these windows need to be cared for more frequently. Most homeowners make the mistake of treating all their windows the same.

What Protects A Window?

Paint or stain can be used to protect wood windows. UV radiation is one thing that wood has to be protected from. Some of the paints and stains that protect against UV radiation might also trap moisture inside of the wood. It turns out that moisture is something that wood has to be protected from. Too much moisture can actually cause a wood window to rot. Once rot takes hold, the window might have to be replaced. Painting or staining can be done once every few years.

Keep Windows Clean

Another thing that homeowners have to do is to make sure that their windows are kept clean. Fortunately, cleaning a wood window isn’t that hard. In most cases, using a cloth that is slightly moistened is enough to clean a window. If there is more dirt on the window, adding some soap might be necessary. Harsh cleaners should be avoided since they can strip paint and stain.

Wood is durable, but it does require some care every so often. Homeowners should visually inspect their wood to make sure rot isn’t present and that it isn’t being destroyed by insects. Termites are insects that can burrow their way into the wood and cause a significant amount of damage. Learn more about Siding Unlimited LLC and what they have to offer. There are plenty of window types available.

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