Memorial benches are growing in popularity as an alternative or an addition to more traditional forms of graveside markers, such as headstones Atchison and tablets. Cemetery bench monuments are usually made of granite and are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and finishes. They can be etched or engraved with personal elements according to the wishes of the family. Here are just a few of the reasons why you may want to consider a memorial bench to remember your loved one.

A Final Resting Place

Cemetery bench monuments come in two various forms, with either a solid base or with legs. Benches with a solid base can be hollowed out or can be drilled in order to create a niche for the placement of cremated remains. This provides a beautiful resting place for the remains of those who wish to be cremated but would prefer for their ashes not to be scattered. Furthermore, cemetery bench monuments allow for the storage of up to six cremation urns, allowing for multiple members of the same family to have their remains housed in the same place.

A Place of Solace

Cemetery bench monuments can provide a suitable location for visitors to sit peacefully and reflect on past memories when visiting the resting place of a loved one. Furthermore, the vast size of some cemeteries and the uniformity of many grave markers can make locating the correct grave difficult, especially for infrequent visitors. The addition of a cemetery bench to the gravesite can help make it stand out more, making it easier to locate and removing a potential stress factor from what can prove to be an emotional experience for some.

An Inconspicuous Memorial

Many families choose to install cemetery benches in areas outside the more traditional setting of a cemetery. The wide array of sizes, shapes and materials available means that it is possible to find a bench that fits seamlessly in any residential or public area, providing a touching yet subtle tribute to the deceased.

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