Characteristics of a yoga instructor

If you’re considering becoming a yoga instructor in Jacksonville area, congratulations! You are on your way to a rewarding and satisfying career. But is it really the right path for you? What makes a yoga instructor a great instructor? Aside from taking yoga courses and registering with a professional alliance, you need to have the right personality traits. Ask yourself if you have the following:

  • Patience: This is especially important if you’re teaching children or beginners. For some, yoga takes years to master, and many people don’t master it at all. You’ll have to deal with all skill levels, so patience is an important trait.
  • Outgoing people skills: You’re going to be around people so you should have a sunny disposition, at least most of the time. Be prepared to answer questions, guide students through a class and teach them what they want to learn.
  • Flexibility: As an instructor, you can forget about the 9-5 routine. You will be teaching at all hours of the day and many evenings and weekends, when students are off work and ready to learn.
  • Perseverance: You’ll need to go through vigorous training to attain your certification, and once you have it, expect to continue your education through workshops and seminars.
  • Love for yoga: Do you love yoga? Do you enjoy going to a class or two a week? Or are you passionate about yoga and want to learn everything there is to know and then some?
  • Dedication: Have you made a commitment to guide and teach your students in all things yoga? A yogi master dedicates his or her time to making sure that students get the most out of each and every class.

Yoga courses in Jacksonville are the first step in finding your career path as a yoga professional.

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