Common Drain Services in St Paul MN

If your plumber has recommended Drain Services In St Paul MN, you may be at a complete loss of what this means, what’s involved and what this will do to your property. Not to fear! In this article, we will discuss three of the most commonly offered Drain Services St Paul MN and what to expect when you are in need of each service.


At it’s most basic, Drain Services St Paul MN are simply clearing out your drain. The majority of the time, the first step in this process is known as snaking. When a plumber snakes your drain, they will run a very long strip of metal, usually with a claw like apparatus at it’s end, down your drain pipe in search of clogs. This process is not complicated, in fact, there are many different versions of drain snakes commercially available for home owners. Professional plumbers will usually have access to professional grade snakes which have a stronger gripping force, mechanized rotation (to break up thicker clogs), and longer lines.


You have probably heard of endoscopic or laproscopic surgery in which a surgeon performs the surgery with the use of a ‘scope’ or tiny camera attached to a thin line. Scoping as a Drain Services St Paul MN is the same principle, and uses some of the same technology. Scoping enables a plumber to see what issues are to be found in the drains and pipes throughout your home so that the plumber can make the best professional decision regarding how to remove it and get your drains running smoothly again.

Replacement and Repair

Although we have spent the majority of the article talking about Drain Services St Paul MN that are offered to solve mysterious problems deep within your drain lines, but sometimes the problem is more simple: your drain just needs to be replaced. Drain repair, or replacement if the condition of the drain warrants it, is not a job to be left to amateurs, it usually requires a professional to ensure that the drain is completely and properly sealed to prevent contamination and leaking into your home from dirty water.

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