Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Madison, VA If You’ve Been Injured

Being involved in an accident and suffering injuries can be a very traumatic experience. During this confusing and stressful time, it is difficult to make clear decisions when an insurance company is questioning a victim within a day or two after an accident. A personal injury lawyer in Madison, VA should be contacted immediately following an accident.

The lawyer has the ability to privately discuss the case during a free consultation and will help a victim determine if they have a personal injury case that is worth pursuing. If the attorney determines a victim has a case against a negligent party during a free consultation, they will explain the next steps that need to be taken.

When Does Someone Have a Personal Injury Claim?

The circumstances surrounding an accident are never the same. If an individual was careless or negligent in their actions and cause another individual serious injury, the victim could file a personal injury claim with the opposing insurance company. If an injured victim caused any percentage of the accident, they would not be able to receive compensation for their injuries.

Even if an individual is only 1% responsible for their injuries, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t pursue a case against a negligent party. The insurance company will try to argue that they are not at fault for all of the accident. With the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Madison, VA, a victim can be successful in a claim.

After an Accident

An individual should never discuss the accident with the police or the insurance company. Anything an injured victim states at the scene of an accident or while receiving medical treatment could be used against them. The individual should only provide the police and the other party with their contact, registration, and insurance information at the scene of an accident.

The facts of your case will determine whether you will be able to file a personal injury claim against another party. The place to determine if you have a case is by receiving the legal advice you need from a personal injury attorney. Visit Gayheart & Willis today and find out your legal options for your injuries.

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