Dental Restoration is Possible

Suffering from advanced tooth decay can be an extremely difficult situation, especially if you are missing several teeth or are in a tremendous amount of pain. Not only does it do damage to the structure of your teeth, but it can prove to be hazardous to your overall health, as well. The profile changes and grows more slack when there are teeth missing, and the bone begins to decay further. Eating can become difficult and even painful, an exercise in using only certain parts or sides of your mouth. People may judge you or make assumptions about you (unfairly) based on your appearance, leading to a lack of appropriate self-esteem and diminished confidence. It can seem impossible to find work, date, have a social life, and the emotional impact can lead to depression and other emotional issues.

There are many dentists in Batavia who can help and are willing to work with patients without any kind of judgment in order to restore their teeth, their appearance, their smile, and their confidence. Modern dental technology advances almost daily, making techniques possible that were not possible just a few years ago. Most Batavia dentists keep up-to-date with modern procedures, diagnoses and treatments, and are also sensitive to any emotional or psychological issues you may have with regard to the condition of your teeth. Life happens, and dentists in Batavia know that. It is probably very difficult to surprise them, even if you have only a few remaining teeth or a severely decayed, bright yellow smile.

The primary obstacle that most people who suffer from decaying teeth is usually not fear or shame, but finances. While there is nothing to fear or be ashamed about, not having the money or insurance to pay for dental care can be a huge obstacle for many people. But the solution is not to let the condition grow worse. It doesn’t hurt to see a dentist and be upfront about your finances and ability to pay. Most dentists will either work with you to see what kind of work can be done to help restore your teeth, or they will give you a reference. Certain non-profit organizations and dental schools also offer reduced rates or even free basic dental care. The first step is to make an initial appointment for evaluation. There will likely be steps you can take from there. Seeking the help of dentists in Batavia is the first step in restoring not only your teeth and smile, but your confidence and self-esteem, as well.

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