Different Forms of Digital Marketing

Marketing used to be pretty straightforward. A flashy logo, a catchy jingle, maybe a billboard over the interstate. But with the advent of the internet, suddenly businesses could hypothetically cater to customers all around the world. That’s why it’s become so important to get involved with quality digital marketing, because a company in Jacksonville, FL could potentially sell an online product to customers from California, China, or other locations. Proper marketing is the thing that determines a company’s success or failure, and in the modern day, that means digital marketing. But what exactly is digital marketing? It’s somewhat of a blanket term that can refer to any number of different things, all connected to promoting your brand online.

Banner Ads
Whenever you’re on a website and you see an ad on the side, then that’s what’s known as a banner ad. There are a set of rules that go along with having banner ads on any website, though: they have to be interesting, they must be tasteful, and they cannot be intrusive. Flashing lights are not an option, as is sound, or anything that’s going to distract the reader from the content they’re trying to get to. Similarly, pop-up ads are an absolute no-go; more likely than not, if they do click on one, they’ll do so in error, trying to close out of it, and will only be angry upon reaching your website. Always make sure that your customers voluntarily choose to come to your page, because while tricks can inflate your page views artificially, that won’t translate into any sort of increased profit on your part.

Video Ads
Video advertisements are the types that generally play before someone watches another video, often on a service like YouTube. These ads are extremely useful for getting people’s attention and getting them interested in you. Because there is more room for creativity with videos than any other medium, you can make some genuinely entertaining videos. The aim is to make one that’s so entertaining in the first few seconds that the consumer is more interested in watching that than the video they logged on for.

Social Media Presence
Finally, it’s impossible to have a company online nowadays without having a social media presence. Having that presence makes you come across more human and lets you interact directly with your customers in a positive way. The key is to avoid any potential missteps, because a social media account wielded poorly can destroy a business. Making use of a professional to run your social media accounts makes sure that your company appears in the best light possible.

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