Different Paint For Different Uses

House paints come in thousands of different colors and different sheens. The sheen of paint is the amount of shine there is on the painted surface once the paint has completely dried. High gloss reflects light well, but it also shows every minor imperfection in the surface. On the other end of the spectrum is a flat paint, it has no sheen and imperfections are camouflaged. If you are contemplating house painting in San Antonio, your contractor will recommend different finishes for unique areas throughout your home. Each paint finish has different advantages and disadvantages; no one knows better than the paint contractor you employ.

Flat paint:

Many homeowners specify flat paint in the interior of their homes, it hides any imperfections in the surface, but on the other hand, it is hard to clean smudges, which are inevitable. To have an excellent result using flat paint, the painter must pay particular attention to the condition of the surfaces. Flat paint is popular in rooms that do not get a lot of traffic; bedrooms in particular; but not the kids’ rooms.

High gloss paint:

The alternative to flat paint is high gloss; this paint is opposite to flat, it is easy to clean but shows any cracks or bumps. This paint is used primarily on doorframes and other trim.

Satin finish:

In between flat and high-gloss, paint is a satin finish. Satin, often called “eggshell” is a little glossier than flat paint. Professionals that do house painting in San Antonio find satin to be a very acceptable, all-around finish that can be used in living rooms, hallways, kitchens, children’s rooms.

It is not difficult to decide which paint finish you should use. For those homeowners that are “sitting on the fence,” a satin finish is a happy medium; easy to use, cleans easily, and covers all but the worst marks on the wall.

When you are faced with house painting in San Antonio, you will want to work with a professional that can guide you on the finishes that are best suited for the particular surface. You are invited to contact Shaw Company Remodeling for all your painting needs.

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