Digital Drive-Thru Menus that Make you More Sales

Drive-thru digital signage is proven to deliver a consistent sales increase on a weekly basis for small and large restaurant chains alike. How? Restaurant chains upgrading from static, illuminated poster menus to digital menu boards with moving images experience a shift in customer spend.
With upwards of 70 percent of QSR sales occurring at the drive-thru, going digital outdoors represents a sensible step when the goal is to boost sales of fast food.

Benefits of Drive-Thru Digital Menus

  • Makes the drive-thru menu more attractive.
  • Increase order accuracy and speed of service.
  • Permit instant updates to menu, promotions & prices.
  • Improve sales with motion graphic or video promotions.
  • Decrease operating expenses.
  • Essentially reduces time to delivery of new menus and promotions.
  • Raising brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Benefits of Using Indoor and Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

  1. Customer Engagement
    What is the first reason to go digital for indoor and outdoor menus? To engage customers, both, inside of the restaurant and outside in the drive-thru. With shiny, dynamic graphics and easy-to-read menus, digital signage is eye-catching for the customer and will help in choosing their meal quicker.
    Quick service restaurants will be able to service more customers in an extremely efficient way because digital style menu boards are stunning and less cluttered than traditional menu boards.
  2. Ability to Update
    Digital menu board software can be programmed to change all the menus at the same time across multiple locations on demand.
  3. Consistency
    It is a good business sense to have a consistent digital menu board message for your indoor and outdoor signage so that everything at the restaurant is branded properly. Once your digital menu boards are purchased and installed, the tension and time spent changing the menu, even one small price, go away.

Reasons to Consider Drive-Thru Menus for Restaurants

  1. Instant Updates

When you want to update your menu, you can digitally communicate all modifications to your POS system. Now, instead of having to pay for an expensive revamp of your signage every time a price changes or an item is added, updating your drive-thru digital menus can be just as easy.

  1. Increased Revenue

According to Digital Signage Today, restaurants that installed indoor digital menus saw a 5-8% increase in revenue. Since most of the customers are hitting the drive-thru as opposed to the inside counter, imagine how much more revenue you could generate with them outside.

  1. Updateable and Customizable

The digital signage comes with a cloud-based technology platform that permits you to update and customize one or more boards at once. For example, if you have a franchise business, you can change multiple store messaging all from one location which can save you a lot of driving time and effort. Being able to update and customize your menus automatically permits you to see if the messaging you’re using is working and, if it’s not, you can quickly change it.


It is time to move your QSR into the digital age and upgrade your drive-thru menus to digital drive-thru menus. If you want to boost your sales and make customers happy, then this will be the best change you can make all year.

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