Do You Need a Funeral Home in Willoughby OH for Your Loved One?

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Funeral Home

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When a loved one dies, you’re naturally going to go through a period of grief and mourning. However, while dealing with your loss, you also need to make their final arrangements. Part of that is giving everyone a chance to say their goodbyes, but you also need to honor the final wishes of the deceased.

Did They Want Burial or Cremation?

Historically, burial in the ground is the traditional method of providing a lost loved one their final resting place, and it is still a common request. However, cremation is a growing trend, too, and that’s for several reasons that might apply to the funeral home in Willoughby, OH that you choose.

Cremation Can Be Cheaper

Final resting costs have gone up over the years and can eat up a lot of a deceased person’s estate. That would obviously minimize how much they can pass on to their heirs, so many choose cremation for affordability. Cremation in Mentor, OH can mean an urn instead of a casket, and it also passes over the costs involved with a burial plot.

Fewer Immediate Decisions

The right funeral home in Willoughby, OH is going to understand the difficult decisions, but you might not have to make all of them right away. For instance, you can choose to have a traditional funeral with a coffin and still opt for cremation after the service, and cremation also means you don’t have to make permanent decisions on where a loved one’s remains will be right away as you can move the urn as you see fit.

Do You Need a Funeral Home around Willoughby, OH?

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