Electrolysis Hair Removal: Need to Know Facts

wondering whether this service is right for them. While shaving and waxing certainly are options to get rid of unwanted hair, they don’t warrant the same results as electrolysis. If you’re considering Electrolysis Philadelphia as an effective service, we have taken some time to list a few important facts about the service itself, the effects and what you can affect post-treatment. Whether it’s your upper lip, underarm, bikini area or legs – electrolysis is effective almost everywhere and is great for both men and women.

Permanent Removal

Unlike shaving, electrolysis hair removal is designed to be permanent. Because it not only destroys the hair, but also the root, hair follicles will not grow again. If you’re a woman who suffers from embarrassing hair in areas like the chest, cheeks, upper lip or neck, this is an incredibly effective way to eliminate your insecurities and ensure that you never have consider them again. Plucking can be incredibly painful and shaving in these areas can be downright dangerous. Take a fast and effective approach to hair removal and opt for electrolysis.

FDA Approved

Many people are concerned about the safety of permanent treatments like electrolysis hair removal, but rest assured that this procedure is FDA approved. Many salons utilize only the most advanced and up-to-date technologies to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort for patients. Additionally, electrolysis is often performed in a day spa setting which can add an enhanced sense of relaxation to the procedure. It’s ideal to make a day out of it and add another beauty service like a massage or facial following your hair removal service.

Why Wait?

With limited risks involved and fantastic results that will last for years, why are you putting off learning more about laser hair removal? Electrolysis is now available at Absolute Smile and appointments are booking now. Whether you want to be silky smooth for an upcoming event like a wedding or anniversary or you’re just tired of spending time shaving and waxing your problem areas, this permanent solution may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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