Events That Call for Custom Jewelry Design in Clifton, NJ

There are occasions when purchasing a piece of mass-produced jewelry is fine. At other times, coming up with a special design is more appropriate. Here are some examples of events that call for talking with someone who knows how to go about the task of custom jewelry design in Clifton NJ.

A Special Anniversary

While all wedding anniversaries are important, some of them are considered milestones. For example, a 25th anniversary is certainly reason enough to do something special. Consider working with a professional to come up with a Custom Jewelry Design in Clifton NJ that is sure to please the recipient. The jewelry could be a ring, a necklace, or even some type of bracelet or anklet. For inspiration, the designer can make use of a shared memory or an event that has special meaning for the couple. It can even revolve around the use of a pet name the couple uses when they are alone.


Something special for loved ones who receive their degrees and are about to be ordained certainly must be considered. Depending on the tradition that the individual will be serving, consider a piece of custom jewelry that includes a symbol that has deep meaning in that tradition and to the individual receiving the gift. The jewelry can include an inscription for the date of the ordination, a passage from a work considered sacred by the recipient, or any other element that seems appropriate.

Honoring a Parent

Children who wish to present a parent with something special could consider a piece of jewelry that includes a stone for each child. Using the birthstones to create a cluster is one approach. Another idea would be to use the birthstone of the parent in the middle, and surround it with the stones associated with each child.

When some type of custom jewelry is the only thing that will do for a special occasion, visit website and learn more about the process of designing the piece and what elements can be included. With a little time and planning, it’s possible to come up with something that the recipient will treasure for many years to come.

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