Evolution of the NFL: from Football League to the Fantasy League

NFL fantasy leagues have been popping up very quickly lately, and it’s easy to see why. As a game fantasy football is an interesting opportunity to play NFL coach, and it has varying stakes and degrees of seriousness. Some people number crunch everything, some people play with general strategies, others are just in it for the opportunity to have something else to do and give comedic names to their teams. NFL fantasy leagues unite people across the country, from New York, NY to Anchorage Alaska. The truly fascinating part about NFL fantasy leagues is the way they mimic real football.

One of the evolutions of the NFL has been from being a run first league to a passing league. This change has been going on for quite a while. The impetus of the change was changes to the defensive contact and holding rules going back as far as the 70s. It used to be permitted for an NFL defense to grab and hold the offensive players down the field. On the flip side offensive linemen weren’t allowed to use their hands, only their forearms and shoulders blocking. That doesn’t make as big a difference when it comes to run blocking, but pass blocking without being able to extend your arms can be very tricky. The evolution of the league has been slow, but it’s affected NFL fantasy league strategies. It wasn’t that long ago that NFL fantasy league players were advised to always take a running back in the first round. The hope was you’d get a 2006 LaDanian Tomlinson, or at the least a (almost any year) Curtis Martin, they would get you the most consistent yards and touchdowns. The difference between most of the great QBs in the league and the middle class wasn’t enough to use and early draft pick on.

Now of course some bucked this trend earlier, but it took a while for people to start really focusing on drafting players in the passing game. Not that long ago the best player to take out of the two New York, NY teams would be Shonn Greene, not a fantastic player but the Jets have stated they want to ground and pound, in an NFL fantasy league that would be great news. Except for the fact that now of the major New York, NY players Eli Manning, Victor Cruz, or even Santonio Holmes would be of more value because of the amount of passing yards they’re likely to acquire. More teams pass in the red zone. Trying to pound the running back into the teeth of the defense can still work, but the threat to pass forces the defense to spread out and makes it easier to sneak a TD in via pass, or by spreading the defense and running it in. For an NFL fantasy league this means that passers and pass catchers are going to pick up more of those goal line TDs than ever before.

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