Find a High-Quality Laser Fume Extractor for Your Protection

Laser systems, such as engravers and cutters, can produce toxic fumes that, if not carcinogenic or corrosive, can be extremely odorous and contaminate the air in a way that can be dangerous for the operator.

This is why laser machines are typically accompanied by some sort of filtration device that will protect you from these contaminants during each use of the machine. A laser fume extractor is critical to maintaining a healthy working environment, so if you don’t have one already, it may be time to make a purchase.

Extractors of Varying Sizes

The size of the extractor will typically vary depending on the size of the lasering equipment, and your suppliers can help you choose the one most appropriate.

Depending on your machine size, a laser fume extractor may be light to medium-duty and be able to be placed on a tabletop. These are ideal for smaller-scale laser cutting, but larger laser cutting units will demand a more capable fume extractor. The size of your fume extractor will also determine how loud it is and how it works.

How Do They Work?

In many cases, fume extractors use blower motors to pull air through a filtration system that will typically have multiple stages. This is to ensure that both large and small particles are captured to the greatest extent possible.

Other machines, especially the smaller ones, may capture particles at the source, but all of them will require filter changes to remain functional and effective.

Keeping Your Air Breathable

When cutting or engraving, you are producing particles that will eventually make the air dusty and unbreathable. A laser fume extractor is an essential accessory that keeps your air breathable and will not only allow you to cut for longer, but also to stay healthy in the long-term.

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