Gifts to Give a Departing Coworker

One day, the inevitable will happen, and one of your coworkers will leave. You’ll want to do something nice for this person if he or she means something to you. Here are three suggestions for inexpensive parting gifts and gestures.

A Self-Written Card
A self-written card is one of the sweetest gifts you can give someone. It shows the recipient that you cared enough to put your own words into card form. A genuine person will appreciate the card you crafted more than any other gift in the world. Write the person a poem if you have a poetic nature. If not, just be your kind self and say goodbye from your heart.

Baked Goods
The way to just about everyone’s heart is through that person’s stomach. You can give your departing coworker some baked sweets if you like to cook, and you want to gift something tasty. Buy some cookie supplies and make your coworker a batch of cookies for himself or herself. You can also bake a cake, which many people do. Again, the effort of doing it yourself will say more about you than the actual gift will.

A Small Souvenir
A souvenir can be a really good gift to give someone who’s going away. You could buy a little trinket that means something to the both of you, and give it to your coworker on his or her last day. It could be something as small as a keychain or something significant that’s a little bit bigger. It’s up to you. No matter what it is, make it special.

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