Guidelines for Getting Quality Autoglass Services

by | Jul 11, 2012 | Automotive

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The windshield plays a greater role as the safety shield for passengers who are in the vehicle. It has to be installed well if it is to offer proper protection. Many of the automotive safety professionals regard the windshield as the third most significant safety element in the modern vehicles, after airbags and seat belts. Laws prevent interfering with air bags and require that people use seat belts. However, the laws governing quality replacement of windshields are not yet in place.

Because there are no laws to guide the safety of autoglass, Portsmouth, there is a council that has been set up and is devoted to the safety of replacing autoglass. The council is referred to as the Auto Glass Safety Council and it plays a major role in the industry of auto glass replacement. The Council has really developed the car glass replacement standards and promotes safe car glass industry standards that should be followed by a technician dealing with autoglass, Portsmouth.

The Virginia Beach Glass Doctor volitionally supports the standard procedures for glass replacement endorsed by AGSC and provides windshields from the original equipment manufacturer. All windshields are not made in the same way. Only those windshields from the original manufacturer can offer the required quality to ensure an accurate fit that greatly minimizes safety risks.

Prior to the installation of any windshield replacement, there are a number of questions consumers should ask themselves. First and foremost, the consumers should inquire whether the old adhesive would be taken away from the vehicle frame. In case the adhesive is not removed to the recommended level of the adhesive manufacturer, the fit could be loose hence the new adhesive will not be able to bond well. The second question the clients should ask themselves is whether or not the technician will put on gloves to avoid contaminating the autoglass. If dirt and oil get on the edges, then the new adhesive may not be able to bond properly.

Third, the consumers should ask about whether the new adhesive will be able to withstand the high development pressure from the airbags. The best adhesive from the manufacturer should be used rather than the butyl tape. You can ask for the adhesive made by the original supplier of the car maker. Lastly, you should remember to ask about the length of time required for the setting of the adhesive before driving the car. There is a specific duration for each adhesive.

As the last test, ensure you select the company that has been registered to handle any of the auto glass replacement requirements you have. The company should be registered with the AGSC. Therefore, search for the AGSC logo at the quality glass shops. Alternatively, you can check on the safety council’s site. Since your windshield is your safety shield, ensure only an autoglass company committed to safety can replace it.

Autoglass Portsmouth – Your windshield plays an essential role for your safety. Therefore, it is important to get it replaced from a quality provider. To help you achieve this, go to Glass Doctor of Virginia and learn how you can get quality autoglass.