HX Series from International – One of the Toughest Trucks on the Job Site or OTR

If you are need of a really tough truck, new International trucks for sale in Texas have a lot to offer. For example, the HX Series is specially made to outlast and outwork all the other trucks in its category. Here are some good reasons to visit your nearest International dealer and check out the HX soon.

Why Contractors and Freight Companies Will Love the HX Series

There are three reasons that freight services and contractors will appreciate the heavy-duty HX Series trucks:



Toughness – the single rail frame is rated at three and one half million RBM. RMB stands for resistance bending movement, and this is the highest rating available in any truck of this class.

Huck Bolts instead of welded frame – the Huck LockBolt is ten times stronger than standard nuts and bolts and offers an exceptional alternative to welding.

Engine Options

New International trucks for sale in Texas come with an A26 engine or X15. Let’s check out both options.


The A26 was developed from the “Project Alpha.” Developers at Navistar wanted a new and modern fuel-efficient engine, and they came up with this 12.4 liter beast of a motor. It’s specially designed to handle the rigors of the modern class 8 truck and has been tested under extreme conditions. In fact, it has a B10 life expectancy of 1.2 million miles.

Cummins X15

When you check out new International trucks for sale in Texas, the 485-605 horsepower X15 has many features like:

XPI fuel system
High Capacity ECM
Engine Brakes
High-tech diagnostics

Stop by your Texas International dealer today to look at all the new International trucks for sale. They’ll help you choose the perfect truck, and they also have special leasing programs available.

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