In Trouble With the IRS? 3 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Tax Defense Lawyer

Getting into trouble with the IRS can lead to a situation that involves criminal charges. While you can try to solve these potential problems on your own, it’s best to trust the expert services of a criminal tax defense attorney.

The right attorney will help you avoid criminal charges for yourself and your business. Read on to learn why you should work with criminal tax defense lawyers.

Using False Information in Your Tax Return
Filing taxes can be a complicated process, particularly for business owners that are fling on their own. In the event that there is erroneous information in your tax returns, you may find yourself under investigation by the IRS. Make sure you’re protected by having an expert attorney from Elk Grove Village in your corner.

Underreporting Your Earnings
If you’ve underreported your income, the IRS will typically respond by auditing your business. In most cases, a tax audit can turn into the IRS filing criminal charges.

If you’re significantly underreporting your earnings, you should get in contact with criminal tax defense lawyers as soon as possible. The right attorney in Elk Grove Village can help your fight these charges and provide the proper documentation as proof of what you’ve earned.

Claiming Zero Income
Individuals and businesses that haven’t earned money in the tax year can claim zero income when filing their tax returns. In the event that you earned income and file otherwise, the IRS may consider this to be tax evasion or tax fraud. As tax fraud is a felony, it’s important to properly account for everything you earn and find the right legal representation to fight any criminal charges.

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