Involved in a Child Custody Case?

In Florida, as in many other states, the laws governing child custody cases are intricate and dependent upon the suitability of the parents involved. Time-sharing, or child custody, is an issue that commonly accompanies divorce and paternity cases. Still, this issue can be difficult to resolve, as a judge must consider several angles before agreeing to, rejecting, or imposing a parenting plan that ensures a child’s safety.  If you need assistance with creating a parenting plan or are entangled in a custody battle, it’s in you and your child’s best interest to consult an experienced family law attorney. Through your legal counselor, you’ll gain access to the support and advice you need to create a successful plan with the other party or communicate to the courts why your plan is the right option.

Standards Courts Uphold
In many cases, parents and ex-spouses are able to come to an agreement regarding parenting plans, and settle on matters involving visitation, child support, and parental and decision making responsibilities. However, if both parties lack the ability to produce a parenting plan on their own, a judge will assume the responsibility for them by implementing the “child’s best interest” standard. When constructing a parenting plan and time-sharing schedule, a judge weighs factors such as the parents’ health, mental stability, morals, criminal history, and finances. Their overall level of involvement in their child’s life and their ability to cooperate with the other party are also closely evaluated. For this reason, having the backing of a child custody attorney helps to solidify your standing as a responsible parent, and improves your chances of obtaining the best outcome possible.

Reliable Legal Advocacy
Like many family law cases, child custody disputes can quickly become turbulent and you may find yourself on the receiving end of false accusations. Defending your integrity and competence as a parent is easier when you have knowledgeable legal representation to lean on. An attorney will not only help you to avoid common mishaps, but will defend you against any allegations the other party may make. Working with a family law advocate not only protects you, but in the end, helps to provide a fulfilling and secure environment for your child.

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