iPhone Rental

Rent A Travel Companion For Less!

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a cell phone just for a couple of days? I mean, if you are planning to visit Hawaii for a fortnight or less; then it is not sensible to register a new SIM and go through the activation process. Rental services are comparatively more convenient and economical for short term stays.

Let’s explore all your available options in terms of communication medium. If you get yourself a prepaid card, you will have to buy a SIM locked contract based phone of the same company. You won’t be able to use that phone with any other SIM for a specified period of time. On the other hand, if you buy a no-contract SIM card, it will cost you a large amount of money as well as high international call rates. Moreover, the international call packages are so confusing and deceptive that they will rip you off.

Save your money and time, and get yourself a rental mobile phone. Hawaii is very famous for iphone rentals. Almost all the service providers offer iPhone on per day rental basis. I am sure you are aware of the features of this Smartphone. It is going to be a great companion throughout your journey, with a camera to capture your memories and internet to share them with your loved ones.

The most lucrative feature of rental phones is the availability of numerous options. You can plan your own package according to your usage and requirements. For example, you are on vacation in Hawaii for 7 days and do not plan to make or attend any work related calls. However, you are a facebook freak. You can get an iPhone on rent that gives you unlimited internet access to upload as many pictures as you want.

Rental cell phones save you from visiting the service provider and the mobile store. Just browse through the internet, find the right package for you and place an order. Your mobile phone will be delivered to you at your place with all its accessories and an activated SIM.

Save yourself from carrying a laptop, camera and mobile phone just for a couple of days, instead rent an iPhone.

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