Keep Your Independence with Assisted Living in Spokane WA

As a person ages, it can be difficult for them to live alone. Health risks and mobility issues may leave them prone to injuries or illnesses. These issues can also make it difficult for them to get out and do the things they once enjoyed. This can lead to isolation and even depression. However, many do not wish to give up their independence by moving in with family or a nursing home. Fortunately, Assisted Living in Spokane WA provides options for seniors to live independently but not alone.

Living at home

For many seniors, living at home may seem like the only option for maintaining independence. However, when health and mobility make it difficult to drive or get out as often as once enjoyed, the home can become very isolated and lonely. At one time, the only alternative to living at home was moving in with family or being placed in a nursing facility where independence can be lost. Many seniors prefer the loneliness and isolation over the loss of their independence. Fortunately, there are better options today.

Independent living

There are retirement communities that can provide seniors with their own apartment. These apartments are equipped with a full kitchen and furniture to provide all the comforts needed for a home. They are able to bring all of their personal items to create a home in their personal apartment. These communities allow seniors to interact with others, as well as participate in group activities and outings. This can allow them to feel independent without the loneliness and isolation often felt at home.

Assisted living

Assisted Living in Spokane WA is another option for seniors who wish to maintain their independence but have health or mobility issues that require more care. Seniors can still maintain their living areas, even maintaining independent apartments for those with light assisted living needs. They also enjoy additional benefits and services to ensure their health and mobility are addressed. Nursing staff and other trained assistants are available to help with the needs of each senior.

These options are available to seniors to provide them with options for enjoying their golden years of life. Facilities, such as Orchard Crest Retirement Community, provide options and services to meet the needs of the individual. This allows more people to feel independent and a part of a community throughout their lifetime. Like us on Facebook.

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