Make The Right Choices About Hormone Replacement Therapy

Few medical treatments have a reputation that is as mixed as that of hormone replacement therapy. There was a period of years when virtually all women were advised to take advantage of this therapy, because it seemed to be able to do so much for the uncomfortable effects of menopause. Later studies, on the other hand, revealed that women who took the hormones were significantly more likely to develop serious health problems, and even to die. We now know that it is neither a treatment that should be used on all women or one that should be universally avoided.

The reason that this treatment became so popular to begin with was that it treated symptoms that could otherwise be debilitating. There are women who have mood swings and hot flashes that are so intense that their lives are severely disrupted. On the other hand, treatment was also often offered to women who were suffering from only relatively minor symptoms, since it was believed to be so safe. When you are working with medical professionals to make the right decision about Women HRT Tampa these days, a big part of the choice about what to do is going to come down to you and how much your symptoms are affecting your life. There is some risk, but it can be worth it for people who would otherwise be miserable.

Hormone replacement therapy is also used for women who are legitimately not ready for natural menopause. For example, a woman who has to have her ovaries removed due to a cancerous growth will be left without the ability to produce hormones naturally. If nothing is done, she may go into menopause decades before the age when she normally should, and this can have profoundly negative effects on her life and her health. In this situation, almost all doctors will decide to add hormone treatments.

Making a good choice about whether to pursue hormone replacement therapy is not a simple matter. Studies have shown that the risks are both real and potentially serious, but it is also clear that the suffering of going without it can be serious as well. Only you and your doctor can properly evaluate your family background and medical situation to make a decision that is right for you.

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