Parve Custom Chocolate Squares

During Passover, it’s important to use parve custom chocolate squares when making your desserts. This is a popular season for meat dishes and the neutrality of parve chocolate will ensure your meals stay kosher. Unfortunately, while many popular brands of chocolate are kosher, few are certified parve.

How Can Chocolate be Kosher and Not be Parve?

This is a question that confuses many people. It doesn’t make sense to many people that chocolate can be certified kosher and still need to be avoided during Passover. That’s because so many chocolates are made with dairy products. Dark chocolates typically don’t contain milk or cream but they may be processed on machinery used to make varieties that do.

A truly parve chocolatier goes to great lengths to ensure your custom chocolate squares are appropriate for any of your special meals. They receive specific certification that goes beyond kosher chocolate production. Buying from one of these special vendors preserves tradition and supports Kosher rules.

Where Can Parve Chocolate Custom Squares be Ordered?

Kosher chocolate can be purchased almost anywhere. Some of the country’s biggest manufacturers of milk chocolate follow guidelines needed to keep their products safe for use, even during holidays. Unfortunately, most of these big businesses do not separate their machines. The same factory lines that roll out milk chocolate bars and semi-sweet butterscotch and chocolate chips are responsible for processing dark chocolate cooking squares.

You need to find a specialty chocolate maker that puts an emphasis on custom orders. Few of the businesses specialize in parve goods, but they’re still able to set aside certain machines and manufacturing areas for non-dairy chocolate production. These companies care about their customers’ needs and helping them celebrate the holidays in ways that make a difference to them.

How Long Does Parve Chocolate Last?

Chocolate has a fairly long shelf-life, allowing people to purchase in bulk. Special ingredients like parve chocolate can’t easily be found in the local shops. Ordering online is your best bet to get affordable prices on high-quality product. The extra should last anywhere from eight months to one year.

While many people recommend freezing chocolate to last even longer, it isn’t recommended by the experts. Cold temperatures change the taste enough to make a difference in special recipes. Keeping your supply at room temperature away from direct light or heating elements will go a long way in preserving its consistency, color and taste.


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