Plan an Exciting Weekend in a Hotel and Casino Near Idaho Falls, Idaho

There are many great hotels and events centers in Idaho Falls. One hotel and casino in the area is owned and operated by the Shoshone Tribe, and there’s a lot of excitement at the casino every day and night. If you want to plan an exciting weekend getaway with a large group of friends or a wedding where your guests can stay and play after the wedding is done, you should book your event with this hotel and events center in Idaho Falls. Here’s what you can expect.

A Private Event Room

Your private event room can be set up just for a wedding reception, or it can contain private gaming tables and slot machines. It all depends on how you want your event to roll. If you opt for just the wedding reception in the event room, your guests are free to come and go to the casino as they like.

Reservations for a Block of Rooms

The hotel can block off several rooms for your guests. These are reserved for your weekend event only, and they cannot be given out to guests who are not part of your party or event. It’s smart to book extra rooms in advance and then cancel once you have found out how many rooms you won’t need. Contact the Shoshone-Bannock Casino Hotel at to begin the planning and reservation process aheadin advance of your event.

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