Plumbing in Charleston, SC: 3 Common Kitchen Sink Issues to Look Out For

When you want to prepare dinner, clean dishes, clean, or do other household tasks, the last thing you want is a malfunctioning sink. Unfortunately, sink troubles are a common reason homeowners contact plumbing professionals. Here are kitchen sink problems that indicate you need help with your plumbing in Charleston, SC.

Slow Water Drainage

If you must wait at least 30 seconds for water to vanish down the sink, a clogged drain is likely the culprit. Over time, food particles, soap scum, and grease build up inside the pipes. The outcome is slow water movement or total blockage. Mix vinegar and baking soda to help clear the piping and pour it into the drain. You can also use hot water to help clean your plumbing in Charleston, SC.

Low Water Pressure

If water from the sink flows at low pressure, it may result from sediment buildup or mineral deposits within your faucet aerator. The water supply lines may contribute to the problem. Regularly clean the faucet aerator and check the supply lines for sediments to improve the water pressure. If you are still looking for improvement, seek professional plumber services in Charleston, SC.

Faulty Garbage Disposal

In busy kitchens, sinks contend with various food scraps. Some common garbage disposal issues include strange noises, jams, and the inability to turn on. Homeowners should be careful not to put certain items down the disposal, like coffee grounds, vegetables, and bones. Routine maintenance can improve its working condition.

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