Reasons Why Professional Tree Services in Lawrence KS Do Not Like to Top Trees

by | Dec 7, 2015 | Lawn Care Service

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Professional Tree Services in Lawrence KS, do not like to cut the tops from trees. This not only gives the tree an unsightly appearance, but it leads to an unstable growth pattern with rapidly-growing side branches. Those weak branches are more likely to break off during windstorms and cause damage to property.

Cutting the top from a tree removes a large amount of its leaf cover that is involved in photosynthesis for nutrition. The tree goes into starvation mode and responds by sending out numerous shoots to replace the missing leaves. This may not even be effective, and the tree may die from malnutrition. This might only take a few months to occur. Now the property owner needs to have the tree removed altogether, incurring additional expense. You can visit here for more information.

If the tree does survive, it rapidly sends the new shoots many feet upward. Those branches are only attached to the outer part of the tree rather than having grown in a healthy way with a strong anchor. Within a few years, the tree likely is as tall as it was before, only much weaker in structure. The new branches may be very large even though they are not strong.

Sometimes, people decide they want tree topping done because they are worried about how tall the tree is growing. They may not like the way it looks, or they may worry that a tall tree is more vulnerable to toppling during a storm. Professional Tree Services in Lawrence KS, prefer not to disfigure a tree in this way, and they advise owners that it actually makes the tree less safe to have on the property.

A company such as Greentouch Lawn Service can advise property owners on the best way to prune a tree to manage its size. If the tree has become too unwieldy and there is no good way to prevent it from interfering with power lines or other equipment, it may need to be cut down. Topping it is only a very temporary measure to reduce the size, and it greatly detracts from the tree’s aesthetic value if it doesn’t outright kill the tree.