Security Safes for Your Home or Business

If you run a business that takes in cash and credit card receipts, or perhaps you are a homeowner with a large number of valuable items, having a security safe is essential. They are designed to protect everything from cash, jewelry, credit cards, mobile devices and important documents to larger items such as antiques and firearms. Security safes will help to ensure your goods are not stolen, and many offer valuable protection against fire and water damage.

Safety and Security
Increasingly, people are starting to store cash along with gold and silver at home more than ever before as a hedge against financial disaster. Floor safes are perfect for these type of situations as they don’t present a visible opportunity or temptation for potential thieves. If you have important documents or other objects that must be hidden somewhere secure and safe, having a high security safe with fire protection provides peace of mind that your items are well guarded.

Insurance Concerns
In the event of damages or loss of property, many insurers will want information regarding the security measures taken to prevent such occurrences. Security safes allow homeowners and businesses to receive premium discounts attached to theft or loss of valuable items. Businesses and individuals should always consider the possibility their goods will be stolen, and therefore adequate steps of protection must be taken to be certain such items can be insured for full value.

Burglar Safe Technology
Many safes today feature a number of enhanced security features designed to become a deterrent for criminals. They come in many sizes and shapes and lock combination options. A higher security burglar safe has anchors to secure or mount the safe on a set location such as concrete flooring. A more economical option is a floor safe. These are commonly found in small businesses along with homes. The floor safe will usually have either a manual or digital combination dial included.

Protection against Fire Damage
When choosing the right type of safe, fire ratings might be a consideration. Although a higher rating will typically equate to higher cost, this can be important if you have valuable documents or large amounts of cash stored. Fire security safes are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures for a specified period of time. Therefore, in the event of a fire your paper valuables will not be immediately exposed to elevated heat levels, providing extra opportunity for safe removal.

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