Setting Rules for Tip Sharing in Restaurants

In some restaurants, the person who serves the table is the one who collects the tips. However, other people are often involved in serving the guests, including behind-the-scenes employees. Tip sharing in restaurants is becoming more common to ensure everyone gets a fair share of the tips. However, if you want to implement this practice in your restaurant, it’s important to set some rules first.

Minimum Wages Must Be Met

Using tip-sharing in restaurants is useful for ensuring everyone who provides service to the customers will get a share of the tips. However, it’s still required to make sure that your employees are earning at least the minimum wage. By using an application, you can ensure a fair distribution of tips without resulting in individuals getting paid less than they should.

Employees Must Be Informed

Some restaurants make the mistake of not letting their employees know they use tip-sharing in restaurants. A failure to inform your employees can create a lot of problems for your restaurant. The law dictates employees must be told that tip sharing is the standard your restaurant follows.

Owners and Managers Can’t Participate

Another essential rule you need to follow for tip sharing in restaurants is that owners and managers aren’t allowed to participate in the pool. The tips must be distributed among employees, such as wait staff, host staff, bussers, and others who provide service directly to the customers. Even if an owner or manager steps in to wait on tables or fill other roles, they are not eligible for a share in tips.

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