Stressless Recliner Chairs – Why All the Fuss

You may, if you are like many people, have heard of Stressless recliner chairsStressless recliner chairs  and wondered what all the fuss is about. Stressless is a world famous brand that produces some of the highest quality in recliner chairs. There are many other brands in the market but none have been able to meet the needs of their customers like Stressless has over more than two decades. What makes them so special? Why has this brand been able to do what other brands can稚?

There are many reasons why Stressless is the preferred brand when it comes to recliner chairs. The first reason is the perfect balance achieved by Stressless recliner chairs at all times. The chair remains balanced perfectly even when you shift your weight. The chairs are ideal for all body shapes, sizes and weights. The perfect balance is achieved by the Stressless Glide System that is unique to all recliner chairs within the brand.

The Stressless Glide System is the heart and soul of all recliner chairs within the Stressless brand. The system gives the person sitting in the chair the sensation of floating on air. The system is, also, adjustable. You can therefore adjust it to suit your preferences and needs. It offers a wide range of recline and support and can be adjusted for small measurements for optimum comfort of the user.

Many recliner chairs are built with the one size fits all philosophy. However, the one size fits all philosophy used to design Stressless recliner chairs is unique. The philosophy is not rigid but applied in a fluid sense. The chair will automatically and intuitively adjust so as to provide the highest level of comfort for different types of users. The adjustments are made to suit varying body types, sizes and sitting positions. The chair design ensures that all people will enjoy complete comfort.

The range of Stressless furniture is not only comfortable but also fashionable and stylish. The designs used for the chairs ensure that comfort is prioritized without losing the element of style. Chairs are elegant and can be used in a wide variety of settings. The craftsmanship and finishing on each piece of furniture reflects a high level of commitment to the work being undertaken.

Stressless recliner chairs are designed with quality and ingenuity in mind. The company has employed the latest technology to ensure that the quality of their products is greatly enhanced. The company still maintains some of the old manufacturing practices that ensure that the finishing is done well and the authentic Norwegian touch is maintained.
The styles and execution of the modern recliner chairs in the brand are a result of ingenuity that is encouraged within the company. Stressless truly are world leaders in the manufacture of leisure chairs.

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