The Galapagos Scuba Diving Vacation

The Galapagos scuba diving vacation may be the event of your life that outshines every other vacation destination. There are several points that will make this vacation perfect. The Galapagos Islands include more than 10 islands and multiple bays to scuba dive in that affords different reefs, various colored fish and a variety of water conditions.

Choice of Vacation Packages

The vacationer may want to book everything himself and choose the diving locations, times and days. This vacationer can do just that by researching Galapagos scuba diving online. He can book his hotel in town and enjoy the various cuisine offerings on the islands.

The Galapagos scuba diving vacation for the next adventurer may include something totally different. The scuba diving vacation on liveaboard yachts is simple, exciting and stress free. It will give you the most vacation for your money because you will not be running here and there trying to find out where and when you are supposed to be for the next portion of your vacation. The scuba diver will live aboard a yacht that provides housing, food and transportation from one scuba diving beauty spot to the next heavenly place.

Choice of Scuba Diving Locations

The Galapagos Islands is, of course, a collection of islands. Each island has been formed differently and offers multiple diving locations, which are also defined with different fish, different reefs and a variety of marine fauna.

The amateur diver will want to choose the Galapagos scuba diving vacation to be at Santa Cruz Island or Beagle Rocks and Floreana Island as the water is calmer and has fewer currents, as well as the depth of the scuba diving is more shallow.

If the scuba diver is intermediate to advanced in experience and abilities, the island locations he would want to go to are Seymour Island and Daphne. Daphne is marked by vertical walls and strong currents with frequent underwater surges. Even experienced scuba divers are advised to exercise great caution in these waters around this island.

Choice of Marine Life to View

Here is a bird’s eye view of what the Galapagos scuba diving experience will yield up in treasures. Santa Cruz Island is known for its sea lion population. The Cousins Rock Island yields up hammerhead sharks, sea horses, fur seals and frogfish. Pinzon will thrill the vacationer with tipped reef sharks, sea horses, turtles and sting ray, while Beagle Rocks delivers sea fans, black coral and perchance a fleeting hammerhead shark.

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