The Most Sought After Types Of Carpet Flooring in Spring, TX

Wall to wall carpet is a popular form of flooring for a variety of consumers, as it provides a soft and comfortable surface to walk on and it offsets extreme cold temperatures in the winter time. The problem most people face is determining which type of carpet flooring in Spring, TX will best suit their needs, as there is a massive selection of styles and colors available. Rather than just relying on looks, it is a good idea also to understand the benefits of each type of flooring to ensure a product that will stand up to any amount of wear and tear.

Standard Pile

Traditional carpet that offers a more plush feel is categorized as a standard pile, as the ends of the yarn are cut off and exposed which renders a rug that is super soft. While those made from nylon are designed to be stain resistant, these types of carpet are not generally recommended for high traffic areas. It is, however, perfect for use in bedrooms, as it offers an elegant visual appeal and unparalleled comfort.

Loop Pile

Loop pile carpets are one of the sturdiest available, as the yarn is woven through the rug on both sides and eliminates the presence of exposed fibers. This type of carpet is an excellent choice for high traffic areas, as it does not degrade due to use and abuse and it is naturally stain resistant. Consider installing this type of flooring in a family room or hallway.

Cut-Loop Pile

One of the latest trends in carpet flooring in Spring, TX is a cut loop pile. It combines the hardiness of loop pile with the soft feel of the standard pile to create a unique carpet that displays an intricate pattern. Most office environments find this product an excellent choice, as it is incredibly durable and adds a high-end look and feel to any size space.

Purchasing new carpet isn’t a small investment, so it is imperative to research all of the options available before signing the dotted line. ATL Carpet Flooring serves the residents of the Spring, TX area and will help anyone determine which carpet will best suit their needs and budget.

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