The Right Way to Hire Roof Contractors in Nassau County NY

If a home’s roof needs replacement or repair, the roofer chosen can have a significant effect on the job’s results. After all, the roof is one of the home’s most important parts, and it shouldn’t be left up to anyone. Here, the homeowner can learn the right way to hire roof contractors in Nassau County NY and make the right decision for the home.

Verify The License

There are many things a good roofer should have, but a current license is one of the most important. A license means that the contractor can be held liable if there’s a problem, and that the company is less likely to mislead a customer about warranty coverage or leave them with a lien due to unpaid suppliers. The state handles licensing for roofers, and it’s relatively easy for a homeowner to verify a company’s license.

Do a Background Check

Homeowners should do a bit of legwork when they hire a roofer to ensure that the company is legitimate, and that it’s qualified to do the work. Customers should always:

* Get a minimum of three references to check the quality of the company’s past work

* Get three competitive bids to compare the scope and cost of the job

* Look each company up with the BBB to learn about its history of customer complaints

Get the Necessary Permits

While it’s possible to pull one’s own permits the roofing company should be able and willing to do it. Because roofers’ licensing is regulated by the state, having the contractor’s name on a permit allows the state to check permitting status. If the Roof Contractors in Nassau County NY aren’t willing to obtain the permit or doesn’t want it in the company’s name, it could indicate that the company is unlicensed.

Review Everything

It’s important not to sign any papers until the work has been inspected thoroughly. All contracts should be in writing, and should include the estimate, scope of the job, and start/completion dates. Don’t sign a blank contract, even if the company says it’s standard, because it allows the contractor to make changes later. The homeowner should retain a copy of the agreement, along with copies of change orders and other materials for future reference. Contact North Shore Roofing & Siding Corp for immediate and professional service.

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