The Use Of A Reverse Osmosis Filter System In Three Major U.S. Industries

Across the United States and around the world, industries are searching for cost-effective and efficient ways to purify incoming water for processes and to reduce the contamination of wastewater.

For both of these types of concerns, an industrial reverse osmosis filter system is the best answer. These systems use semi-permeable membranes and pressure to push pure water through the system while concentrating the contaminants on the outside of the filters for easy management and safe disposal.

There are many different applications for a well-designed and customized reverse osmosis filter system. Three specific industries in the U.S that utilize reverse osmosis (RO) technology include food and beverage manufacturing, the pharmaceutical industry, and for industrial processes.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

The use of a reverse osmosis filter system is essential in treating the water used in the production of food and beverages. Changes in the minerals, dissolved solids, and the presence of chemicals in the water can produce changes in the quality and taste of food and beverages. Pure water is essential for quality control and product consistency.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The pharmaceutical industry, like the food and beverage industry, needs pure water for processes and for extremely regulated quality manufacturing. In addition, wastewater produced by the production of drugs must be purified so it is safe for the environment and to risk any type of contamination of the surrounding water sources.

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial industries that use manufacturing equipment often use water as a source of coolant. In addition, water itself may be required for cleaning and maintenance of equipment, systems, and processes.

Adding a RO filter system ensures pure water is used as a coolant, helping to reduce the need for cleanouts of sumps and drain systems. As with other applications, the RO system is also essential for the treatment of wastewater before disposal.

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