Thoughtful Tips on Hiring a Renovation Expert

You need more space. You want new countertops. You’re starting a home bakery and you need to customize the area to fit your needs. These are just some of the reasons why you’ll want to remodel your kitchen. Before you start shopping for gorgeous cabinets and backsplash, check out these tips on how to plan a kitchen renovation in Vaughan.

Know what you want

Think about why you’re renovating that space. Do you want more storage? Are you thinking about installing a breakfast nook? Look for references you’ll want to share with your contractor to get your ideas across.

Work with a pro

Once you know what you want, it’s time to look for a renovation expert. Find someone who’s had considerable experience in kitchen remodels.

Look for experience

A renovation company that’s been in the business for years will know what to do and have the resources to get the job done. That’s reassuring if you want quality and on-time results that meet your budget.

Think about your shelves

The right shelving will transform your kitchen space. Pick cabinets if you want to reduce the visual clutter. If you want to make your space seem bigger, though, open shelves will be better. Some contractors do custom work too so you can discuss the possibility of combining both shelves with your contractor.

Agree on the timeline

How soon can the contractor start? What is the projected completion date for the project? If you have a tight schedule or you have custom requests, let your contractor know so s/he can work something out.

Talk about the payment

Set up payment milestones. If the contractor asks to get paid before any of the work starts, be wary of that and other red flags like asking for a deposit that’s more than 20% of the total bill or requesting for cash-only payments.

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