Three Reasons Why a Landlord Can Evict a Tenant in the Chicago Area

If you’re a tenant in Chicago, you may be wondering whether your landlord has the right to evict you from the home you love. These are three situations during which fighting an eviction could be challenging.

Non-Payment of Rent

One of the biggest reasons landlords start the eviction process is that they don’t receive the rent from their tenants. Your lease states the conditions in it, so you might have a tough time fighting an eviction if they are clear. However, lawyers who know landlord-tenant rights in Chicago can look over the lease to see if there may be some loopholes.

Breaking Noise Ordinances

Your lease most likely has a clause in it about loud parties and noise ordinances. However, you still should have gotten a warning if your landlord felt that you were going against the rules. A lawyer might be able to use that information to save you.


Subleasing is a touchy subject. Some landlords allow it and some don’t. The key is whether you asked about it, or if your landlord found out and you didn’t disclose it. There may be hope for you anyway, but you have to speak to an attorney to find out.

Your landlord may have other reasons to request that you leave the premises. However, a seasoned lawyer who knows landlord-tenant rights in Chicago can help save the day.

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