Tips for Rug Cleaning Los Angeles

Area rugs can be a unique way to add some style to your décor, help living areas to pop and can express your own style likings. Whether you prefer a bold geometric design, a tranquil pictorial rug or a fancy curvilinear pattern, they all need consistent cleaning to keep them new and feeling fresh. Here are a few tips for rug cleaning Los Angeles

Experts recommend that you have area rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year. Ideally, they should be cleaned before they start to look dirty. A quick way to see if it’s time to schedule carpet cleaning Los Angels is to run a damp cloth across the carpet or rug. If any dirt is transferred from to the cloth, you should schedule professional rug cleaning Los Angeles.

Between cleanings, it is important to spot treat any spills as soon as possible to prevent stains. It is important to use the correct cleaning agent when spot treating your area rug so that it does not become discolored or damaged. For example, you should never use dry powders on wool area rugs as they tend to cause pilling and can easily make the rug look damaged and worn. Oxy cleaners should also be avoided on many types of area rugs as they too can cause pilling and usually discolor carpets as well.

When in doubt, the best type of cleaning solution to use for spot treating area rugs is a mild detergent. The best thing to do is to begin by using a soapy solution that is warm. You can use a clean cloth to try and blot the stain out of the carpet. This process should be repeated until the desired result is achieved. Once you have let the area completely dry, you can use a dry towel to speed up the process by placing it on top of the cleaned area.

If you have an authentic area rug, such as a Persian rug, there might be some things you need to do when wanting to spot treating your rug. Making sure to do your research on an authentic rug will help you to know how to properly care for it. If you are not quite sure what to use, it is better to be cautious. For this reason, you probably want to seek the advice of professional rug cleaning Los Angeles when spot cleaning is required.

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